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REMEDIAL MASSAGE goes far beyond the style of massage you might receive at a Day Spa or Salon.  It is an advance therapy practiced by highly trained massage therapists who have the skill to manipulate soft body tissue in order to reduce the pain and inflammation that prevents us from attaining optimal health and wellbeing.  Studies indicate that remedial massage therapy can decrease pain in those who suffer from conditions including recurrent migraines, fibromyalgia, lower back pain and recovery from surgery.  Many people gain relief from pain and stiffness by receiving regular back massage and full body massage treatments that can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow to affected areas and eliminate toxins from the body.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY is the treatment of areas of hyperirritability in the soft tissue structure. These can be acute sources of pain or latent, unnoticed by the client until pressure is applied by the practitioner. Trigger points are manifested as small contraction knots in the muscles, that control the state of contraction and active ones may cause muscle spasm and referred pain. Treatment consists of physical therapy, manipulation and stretching. A firm digital pressure is applied to the specific points causing pain and restricted movement and these may often be located in places different to where the client actually feels the pain.

HOT STONE MASSAGE is a beautifully nurturing and relaxing massage that offers many health benefits including stress relief, immune system enhancement, increased blood flow and a sense of rejuvenation and revitalisation.  The session last for 90 mins and treats the whole body to a blissful and beneficial experience.

HUNA MASSAGE is a traditional Hawaiian massage style that focuses on mind, body and soul enhancement.  Combined with optional deep tissue techniques, this style of massage is perfect for anyone wishing to experience both a deep tissue treatment for the muscles and a relaxing, stress-relieving session for the mind and soul.  In this unique and visually beautiful style of massage, the Practitioner uses hands, forearms and body weight to create long, flowing, deeply connected, continuous strokes that glide tenderly over and under the body from head to toe and side to side.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE is considered to be a speciality at Howe Natural and, with over 20 years of nursing experience, I am fully conversant with all your massage needs during this precious time.  Your health and safety, and that of your unborn baby are paramount and your confidence to undergo massage at this important time in your life is of the utmost importance.




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